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LED+Microcurrent+Laser Hair Comb for Hair Growth Power Grow Brush Scalp Massage Hair Loss Treatment Therapy Health Care

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This kind of three-in-one hair growth comb adopts nourishing light to rinse your hair root to make your hair brighter. The living cells are always fond of light, so does your hair. The most common example is that light can be converted into chemical energy, namely photosynthesis, which is a chemical energy converted from solar ray. The laser will directly irradiate on the bald part of the scalp through the channels of the comb during usage and the user cannot feel any sense of stimulation during treatment.

Four Effects:
1. Accelerate scalp blood circulation and promote metabolism
Increase forehead blood circulation portion of up to 20% -30%, the head portion up to 40% -60% of the results so the laser can help improve blood circulation, so. oxygen and nutrients can be sent to the hair follicles, to prevent hair loss effect.
2. Stimulate hair follicles, improve hair follicle immune system
Effectively stimulate the hair follicles, 83% can be in a state of hibernation for the active period of the hair follicle activation in order to reduce hair loss and make hair regeneration effect.
3. Regulate oil secretion, improve hair loss
Oil excessive secretion also causes hair loss, excessive secretion of oil will make the hair follicles shrink, or even wither and eventually lead to hair loss. this product line can reduce cortex, reduce and control oil secretion, improve hair loss.
4 Promote scalp health, improve the hair quality
When comb the hair follicle, the irradiation can accelerate hair growth and strengthen the hair itself, firmness, density and elasticity of the hair, glossy black hair.
Action principle:
1. Laser can activate scalp cells
Laser 650nm can activate hair follicles, promote metabolism and hair growth, as a safe low energy laser, it can penetrate objects, but no heating effect, no damage to the scalp, and also no side effects.
The modern science has proved that the laser can penetrate the surface of tissue, cells have obvious activation, can affect tissue metabolism, promote tissue regeneration, accelerate inflammation dissipated .
2 IPL nutrient supplement for the skin, so that make the rapid growth of hair
Color light is a cold light, including six color waves of light, due to the general scope of the existing laser treatment for any hair, a strong activation of cells, enhanced metabolic function, can promote the shedding of dead cells, the new cell regeneration.
3. The micro-current capable of scalp hair follicles sports
Micro-current can effectively activate cells, wake up sleeping hair follicles, continuous massage tapping massage the scalp and promote muscle movement, restore skin elasticity; accelerate microvascular blood circulation, enhance cell permeability, cause the nutrient effectivly supply to muscle tissue and skin.
Operation Instructions:
Spread the germinal or custody of the essence on the scalp, comb from the top hair to down, if your scalp feel less current stimuli, you can transfer large current strength; if your scalp feel some stimulus to transfer a small current strength, to suit their own appropriate. (Please use after hair washed)

Operating principles:

The laser generated by 650nm low-frequency laser generator can stimulate hair follicle through low-frequency laser lamp and electric current. In the meantime, consistent pat and massage on scalp will activate hair follicle tissue and promote metabolism and hair growth.

Electric pulse is a kind of low-frequency current, in which the micro electric current generated by electric pulse can effectively activate cells, arouse sleeping hair follicle. Repeated massage and pat of scalp may promote motion of the muscle and recover elasticity; besides, it can accelerate the blood circulation of capillary vessel and enhance permeability of cells to supply the nutrition to the musculature and skin effectively. It will gain incomparable efficacy in difficulty diseases, especially for baldness.

Intense pulsed light is a kind of cool light which consists of six color light waves. It is superior to the existing laser with wide applicability for all kinds of hair. With strong functions of activating cells and enhancing metabolism, it can promote the detachment of dead cells and regeneration of new cells. Therefore, the intense pulsed light treatment is also known as non-wearing soft light, intense pulsed light hairdressing technology selects six color light waves (515-1200nm) out of natural rainbow light waves for skin rejuvenation. The intense pulsed light includes frequently-used skin laser wavebands, such as melanin removal laser in the length of 532nm, 690nm, 755nm and 1064nm, red spot removal laser in the length of 585nm and the laser waveband to stimulate the growth of skin collagen

Power: 220V / 50HZ, 10W
Input voltage: DC15V
Rated power: 1W

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    Promoting scalp health

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    improving hair quality

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    Stimulating the hair follicle, Have Hair regrowth

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    Adjusting oil secretions

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    head massage

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    hair growing comb

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